The Elephant and the Rhino

If we use JavaScript for Code On Demand couldn’t we also use it for Inverse Code on Demand using Hadoop?  It’s not as hard to find people who know JavaScript as it is to find people who know Groovy or Python.  Less of a learning curve for everyone involved if we use the most popular scripting language for our embedded business rules.   Plus if we build them right we could use the same business rule across our entire ultra high scale web presence: from the browser to the elastic map reduce

Mozilla Rhino doesn’t have a lot of marketing behind it, but it’s been around.  Feature rich, mature, and embeddable: Mozilla’s JavaScript engine looks like a winner. We could inject input splits and emit results with ease.

Plus if you thought the Bull in the china shop was fun, wait until you see the Elephant and the Rhino!

Make the Elephant and the Rhino your partner, and utterly destroy a china shop near you!  China Shops don’t scale anyway…

Tips for Implementing Rhino in Hadoop

Make sure to use the Java scripting API compilation option in the setup and cleanup method of your mapper or reducer. Please see this article on how to compile scripts.  This dramatically reduces the CPU requirements and execution time for scripts.

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